The methods Human Values Institute utilizes have been discussed above. Primarily we are focused on education. Throughout all four islands and most places in Japan we give lectures, lead workshops, hold an annual large symposium in Tokyo, lead meditation retreats, and lead sacred pilgrimages on the island of Shikoku. In addition we publish books and DVDs. An online learning program is nearly established to further spread our education promoting healthy physical and emotional living based on honesty and genuine respect for others.

Our audience varies but includes different professionals who find our methods useful in their professional work, home, and communities. We give lectures in universities in Japan. Many lectures are delivered in municipal auditoriums. Workshops are held in Yoga Schools, at Open Sense in Tokyo, and many other venues throughout Japan. We have a long deep relationship with an Orthopedic hospital in Fukuoka. We often use their facilities for workshops and lectures. Specialty workshops for doctors, nurses, and other health professionals is an important part of system. Also we teach regularly on the theme is death and dying and compassion in medicine. Specifically we educate professionals on how to successfully be with a dying person. This education flows over into how to manage our own deaths peacefully and without regret. Please see more details in Activities.