Global Leadership Training

Global Leadership Training for Educator / Teacher / Business executives

“We will begin by discussing honesty and integrity, particularly talking about transparency without hypocrisy. Along with cultivating honesty and integrity naturally arises respect and this respect is both ways. It’s respect for the other person and also cultivating respect for ourself.”

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Lojong Training Program

Lojong Training for Doctors and Helth care professional

“Lojong is a tibetan word. Lo means mind, jong means study to practice in a eventually accomplish a pure good happy mind. So basically comes down love, compassion, altruism.”

This course is designed to help doctors and medical professionals have more meaningful professional lives as well as more meaningful person lives. The focus is on finding inner peace and happiness through Lojong – Mind Training. We will also focus on cultivating compassion and caring, and will train participants how to meditate. Many doctors and healthcare professionals are being asked about meditation. Some patients want to learn to enhance their wellbeing and possibly healing. This will be an intense course with two levels – three days each. Each day will be divided into 90-minute blocks. Each block with consist of lectures, discussion including question and answer sessions, and meditation training and practice. Any healthcare professional with interest can join regardless of background in meditation. We welcome beginners as well as those with some experience. I will be teaching this course that is hosted by the NPO Heart Sharing Network of St. Luke’s International hospital, and supported by the Psycho-Oncology department of St. Luke’s International hospital and the Human Values Institute of Japan, of which I am the founder and chairman.
— Barry Kerzin, M.D.

日本語版 (Japanese edition) はこちら

Level one:

  • Science of Meditation and Compassion
  • What is Meditation?
  • What Types of Meditation are there?
  • Definition of Compassion, Suffering, Empathy
  • Beyond Empathy to Compassion
  • Cultivating Compassion

Level two:

  • Wisdom of Knowing Who We Really Are
  • Subtle Body
  • Enhancing Doctor Patient Relationship
  • Compassionate Relationships

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Lecture to medical professionals

Lecture to business people