2017/11/23-26 Meditation Retreat

◆ Meditation Retreat in Yamanashi ( Lake Shoji ) 【Date】 2017/11/23 Thu. *National holiday – 11/26 Sun. 【Place】 Yamanashi Prefecture ( Lake Shoji ) 【Lecturer】 Dr. Barry Kerzin (in English with Japanese interpretation) *Further details will be provided at a later date. ・Registration Please contact us on office@humanvalues.jp (Please include your name, number of people, phone number… Read More


Being altruistic does not mean totally rejecting our own interest or neglecting oneself, this is a misunderstanding. In fact, the kind of altruism that focuses on the well-being of others arises from a very courageous mind, an expansive attitude and a strong sense of self confidence, so much so that the person is capable of… Read More


Merely thinking that compassion and reason and patience are good will not be enough to develop them. We must wait for difficulties to arise and then attempt to practice them. When we recognize anger arising, practice tolerance. When we see jealousy arising, practice appreciation. When we see greed arising, practice giving. When we see arrogance… Read More

A mindful way of living

Cultivating a mindful way of living brings inner peace and calmness even when outer circumstances are chaotic. Training ourselves to look inside again and again along with regular meditation cultivates spending more time in the present moment. Having more concern for others’ wellbeing cultivates humility. This also brings more inner peace and presence. As these… Read More

The meaning of “peace”

Peace does not mean no more conflict among humanity. Conflict is bound to happen, so in order to keep peace in spite of conflict, the only realistic method is the spirit of dialogue, respecting the other side and understanding their viewpoint. We need to try and solve problems in a spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood,… Read More


When you concern yourself with others, you naturally develop a sense of self-confidence. To help others takes courage and inner strength. This is what we call a Samurai Spiritual Warrior. The enemy is not external. Rather it is the internal destructive emotions.


Just as heat dispels cold, loving-kindness counters anger. We need to learn how to counter our various emotions. Distraction is just a temporary measure. The longer lasting remedy is to be able to see positive qualities in something or someone you otherwise see as negative. Since there is rarely any justification for destructive emotions, we… Read More

The purpose of our life

The purpose of our life is positive. We weren’t born with the purpose of causing trouble and harming others. For our life to be of value, we must develop basic good human qualities such as warmth, kindness, and compassion. Working to reduce anger, jealousy, pride, and selfishness is essential. Then our life becomes meaningful and… Read More