PBS NEWSHOUR “Dalai Lama’s American doctor wants more compassion in medicine”

In PBS NEWS HOUR on October 27, Dr.Barry was introduced as Dalai Lama’s American doctor who carries his messages and compassion, especially to the medical area. To watch the news, please click HERE the link below. http://video.pbs.org/viralplayer/2365593448 TRANSCRIPT JUDY WOODRUFF: But, first, the Dalai Lama was supposed to arrive in the U.S. yesterday. He didn’t, because doctors at… Read More

Human Values Institute sends message of sympathy and support to Nepal quake victims.

The disaster in Nepal, India, and Tibet is enormous. Whole villages have been wiped out. Now over 4000 lives have been lost. Millions of people have been affected. Homes lost, businesses lost, families lost. The suffering is unimaginable. Yet unexpected difficulties are part of life. We cannot escape that. Natural disasters, illness, loss, are all… Read More

2014 Mind and Life conference

The first Mind and Life conference titled, “Mapping the Mind” came to a successful conclusion in Kyoto, Japan. Neuroscientists, psychologists, contemplatives, Buddhist scholars, mathematicians, educators, cultural anthropologists shared their views on the nature of consciousness. It was a remarkable first attempt by Mind and Life Institute and Kokoro Research Centre from Kyoto University to do… Read More

March 11 Disaster Message for Japan

March 11 Disaster Message to the Japanese People It is almost three years since the biggest disaster the Jaanese people have suffered since world war two. Much of the residual is now invisible. This causes tremendous fear and anxiety in many peoples’ hearts and minds. We can redirect that fear and anxiety towards helping ourselves… Read More

Hong Kong University

Yesterday I delivered my first lecture to the third year medical students at Hong Kong University Medical School. We discussed “Using Compassion as a Method to Handle Difficult Situations.” We framed managing difficult situations in grace and gentleness. Death, fear of death, anger, arrogance, jealousy, and betrayal were some of the difficult situations we tried… Read More

The purpose of our founding

A MESSAGE FROM THE FOUNDER OF HUMAN VALUES INSTITUTE FOR 2014 The purpose of our founding the Human Values Institute coincides with His Holiness’ dream for humanity. He said, “I have always had one dream: that within this century the world would become a really happy human family. In order to achieve this we need… Read More