2018 Sep. 8-9 Meditation Retreat in Kyoto

Sep. 8 Sat. – 9 Sun, 2018 Meditation Retreat in Kyoto “Discovering Inner Peace in a Chaotic World” Dr. Barry Kerzin will lead a meditation retreat in Kyoto this September. We will be happy if […]


2018 Sep. 15 PM Shantideva

Sep. 15, 2018 Shantideva Shantideva “A Guide to the Boddhisattva’s Way of Life” is one of the most important Tibetan Buddhist texts regarding compassion. Dr. Barry Kerzin who is an American doctor and Tibetan monk, […]


2018 August Meditation Practice Group

August 5, 2018 Human Values Meditation Practice Group We will learn about compassion and meditation from a video of the latest lecture by Dr. Barry Kerzin and we will practice meditation together. *Staff from Human […]