2018 Mar. 21 Global Leadership Training

Mar. 21, 2018 6th Global Leadership Training 【Date】Mar. 21 Wed. National Holiday 2018 13:30-18:00(open 13:00) 【Venue】 Unilever Japan MAP Nakameguro GT Tower, 2-1-1, Kami-Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan 【Lecturer】 Dr. Barry Kerzin (in English with Japanese interpretation) […]


2018 Mar. Meditation Retreat

Dr. Barry Kerzin will lead a meditation retreat in Japan this winter. We will be happy if you can join this precious meditation retreat and practice with us. 【Date】Mar. 23 Fri. 13:00 – Mar. 25 […]


2018 Mar. 28 Mindfulness Training for Educators

Mar. 28, 2018 Mindfulness Training for Educators 【Date】Mar. 28 Wed. 2018 13:30-18:00(open 13:00) 【Venue】 Kaetsu Ariake High school Shinonome 2-16-1 Koutou-ku, Tokyo 東京都江東区東雲2-16-1 MAP <Access > 10 minutes walk from Shinonome staion 【Teacher】 Dr. Barry Kerzin […]


2018 Mar. 29 Shantideva

Mar. 29, 2018 Shantideva Shantideva “A Guide to the Boddhisattva’s Way of Life” is one of the most important Tibetan Buddhist texts regarding compassion. Dr. Barry Kerzin who is an American doctor and Tibetan monk, […]


2018 Schedule

Thank you for coming to our programs in autumn 2017! We look forward to seeing you again in March 2018. Human Values Institute