The Human Values Institute (HVI) is expanding its current efforts to creatively disseminate core Human Values to families, communities, work places, students, business leaders, and health and education professionals. We are a public-interest organization that is supported by deeply committed and visionary benefactors. As the teacher receives no salary in accordance with Tibetan Buddhist Tradition we would greatly appreciate your support either through donation and/or honorarium when you hold programs with the chairperson Dr. Barry Kerzin as a teacher or speaker.

The donation or honorarium is used to cover the international and domestic travel expenses of the teacher and staff for the programs, to help develop publications and distant education of the teachings, and to sustain HVI’s activities.

Since we have been receiving many requests for Dr. Barry Kerzin to give Lectures and as his time is very limited, due to his commitments as a monk, currently we cannot meet all requests. Therefore, we kindly ask organizers to submit this request form. The board will discuss the possibility of a lecture and the program managers of Human Values Institute will reply to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest and understanding.


Chieko Maruyama
Co-chairperson, Human Values Institute

2016 HVI Lecture Request Form (pdf)