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    Let the flow go by itself.

    Often we get stuck in a funk. We are paralyzed and taken over by insecurity. We cannot accomplish anything. Nor can we just relax and be. Trying to push out of it just drains us. [...]

School, Life, Awareness

Class for students who decided to take the exam. [Question] What is true happiness? How to cultivate Healthy self-confidence? About admitting to myself [Lecture] To notice myself Healthy self-confidence [Practical] 9 round breathing (Lecture) 9 [...]

◆2017 Nov Meditation Retreat

Dr. Barry Kerzin will lead a meditation retreat in Japan this fall. We will enjoy meditation practice together with a spectacular view of Mt. Fuji to clear the mind! A) 6 days : Nov. 22 [...]

Message From Dr. Barry

Just be!

We run around trying to find happiness and drive ourselves nuts; when all the time deep peace and happiness are right here at home within us! Stay still; stay quiet; stay aware! Find the peace [...]

A precious gem inside

Although we often forget, we have a precious gem inside. The light of this gem is stronger than a thousand million suns. It is unconditional love infused and powered by wisdom. We call this bodhicitta [...]

Lhabab Duchen

There are four days in a year that are very special in Buddhism. Today is one of those days. It is called Lhabab Duchen. ‘Lhabab’ means to descend from the celestial realm implying back to [...]

2018 Calendar “Meditation and Life”

         Meditation and Life 2018   Human Values Calendar *Images are for illustration purposes only. Size: A4 (297×210mm) × 2 pages/one month Calendar 2018 【Fee: Price includes Tax】1,000yen + 500yen (Shipping cost) ・Application Form Click here to buy a calendar. Free shipping for bulk […]

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