2018 October Meditation Practice Group

October 24, 2018 Human Values Meditation Practice Group We will learn about compassion and meditation from a video of the latest lecture by Dr. Barry Kerzin and we will practice meditation together. *Staff from Human […]


2018 Nov. 11 Global Leadership Training

Nov. 11, 2018 7th Global Leadership Training “Compassionate Innovation” Dr. Barry Kerzin will teach healthy mind, motivation and compassionate innovation. This program will be comprised of a combination of lectures and practice. Compassionate Innovation: Selfless […]


How to cultivate compassion

People are often confused about how to cultivate compassion. There are several approaches. One method is moving beyond empathy to compassion. Empathy is feeling like the other person is feeling. We often “take on” or […]


Forgiveness and gratitude

Our default position whenever possible is forgiveness and gratitude. Forgiveness counters arrogance and ego. This moves us towards insight and wisdom. Gratitude opens our heart to compassion. Wisdom and compassion lead to the two bodies […]


of the people, by the people, and for the people

4th of July commemorates American independence. Lincoln said it eloquently during the American Civil War in his Gettysburg Address, “… a government of the people, by the people, and for the people….” He was referring […]


We all want to be happy, and none of us wants to hurt

Living a life of humility, simplicity, and helping others is meaningful. It brings joy along with deeper satisfaction and contentment. These qualities are often lacking in today’s environment. Being humble counters the tendency not only […]