Let’s explore patience a bit more

Let’s explore patience a bit more. It involves managing and reducing anger. Suppressing anger doesn’t help; later it comes back with a vengeance. We need to transform it. When you churn milk you get butter […]


Patience is golden

Patience is golden. It gives us pause rather than kneejerk reaction. It allows us to take a deep breath, and consider the consequences of getting angry — making us unhappy, bringing future problems, not to […]


We all want to be happy and not hurt

Balancing alertness with relaxation is important in our meditation and daily life as well. The last two posts about emptiness created an abundance of alertness! So let’s chill, relax, and balance with some compassion. My […]


The beginning of a new year 2018

Today is the beginning of a new year 2018. It is good time to set our motivations and commitments for the New Year. We might make a promise to ourself to reduce our anger in […]


Regardless of outside influences

When the sun is shining we are happy. When there are clouds we are sad. We are very much influenced by our surroundings. Reach out to others more and more, even if only by wishing […]


Deep inner peace

When the sun is shining we are happy. When it is cloudy we are sad. Practicing more compassion towards our self and others gradually regardless of the sun shining or not we feel happy. A […]

No Picture

Every morning when I wake up

Every morning when I wake up, I dedicate myself to helping others to find peace of mind. I remember that just like they do not want to hurt. Just like me they just want to […]


The practice of Tonglen

Tonglen – taking and giving — is powerful. With the in-breath, in the form of dark smoke, breathe in the suffering of all living beings. At the end of the in-breath immediately transform it into […]


Be natural

We wear so much unnecessary armour. Be natural; be spontaneous.