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Inner peace

World peace comes from inner peace. Inner peace needs to be taught in all levels of education as well as within families. Inner peace is kindness towards ourself and others. It is remaining calm in […]


Everything is like a dream

“Row row row your boat, gently down the stream; merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream.” Is this part of your childhood? Or maybe adulthood? We sing it and feel at ease. It has […]


Inner peace requires honesty and integrity

Inner peace requires honesty and integrity. Without it we are lost and drift away from inner peace and happiness. Being true to our self is crucial. Transparency is what makes great leaders great. What they […]


Now we must make effort

Inner peace is essential for wellbeing. Without it we often feel anxious, fearful, and suspicious. So how do we cultivate inner peace? There is no magic. You’ve received all the advice/teachings. Now we must make […]


Think about others

When you are happy think about others. When you are sad think about others. This makes our life meaningful. The more we dwell on our own narcissistic stuff the more we inflame our own negative […]


A mindful way of living

Cultivating a mindful way of living brings inner peace and calmness even when outer circumstances are chaotic. Training ourselves to look inside again and again along with regular meditation cultivates spending more time in the […]


Three factors for happiness

A sense of contentment is the key factor for attaining happiness. Bodily health, material wealth and companions and friends are three factors for happiness. Contentment is the key that will determine the outcome of your […]


Darkness and light

Genuine peace is based on inner peace. You cannot build peace on the basis of anger. Anger just inflames and brings more hostility, aggression, and violence. Hostility on the one hand, and tolerance on the […]