Now we must make effort

Inner peace is essential for wellbeing. Without it we often feel anxious, fearful, and suspicious. So how do we cultivate inner peace? There is no magic. You’ve received all the advice/teachings. Now we must make […]


Different dispositions

The Buddha taught many different teachings often from different angles. We all have different dispositions and periods in our lives when we are more or less receptive. Please take all these teachings as complementary. Try […]


We all have this precious gem

We all have this precious gem of unconditional love, wisdom, and bliss within us, but we usually have so much junk covering it that we fail to recognize it. Practice stillness in the present moment. […]



Love makes the world go around.


A precious gem inside

Although we often forget, we have a precious gem inside. The light of this gem is stronger than a thousand million suns. It is unconditional love infused and powered by wisdom. We call this bodhicitta […]

No Picture

The eight worldly concerns

When we are happy we get excited. When we are down we get sad. But why? Learning equanimity with the eight worldly concerns is important, at least to try. They are: reputation and disgrace; praise […]


Message for Las Vegas

Our hearts go out to all those who died, to family and friends, to those injured, to the first responders, law enforcement officers, the amazing medical teams, and the valiant people attending the concert in […]