2018 Sep. 8-9 Meditation Retreat in Kyoto

Sep. 8 Sat. – 9 Sun, 2018 Meditation Retreat in Kyoto “Discovering Inner Peace in a Chaotic World”   *Message from Dr. Barry Kerzin* It is quite a luxury to step out of the fast, […]


Meditation and mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness are like dance-partners. They each support the other gracefully. There are two types of meditation: focused (shamatha) and contemplative (analytical). Focused meditation also is translated as calm abiding, concentration, and single-pointed meditation. […]



Mindfulness is now a household term yet most people do not know what it means. This is bolstered by the fact that different experts define it differently. The Tibetan word is ‘tenpa,’ which can also […]


Jealousy and negative judgment

Jealousy and negative judgment are quite common, yet they do not make us feel good. Usually they constrict our heart and make us feel closed. Not recognizing jealously and negative judgment, as they usually hide […]


May I firmly face and avert them

Verse 3 from the ‘8 Verses of Mind Training’ by Langri Thangpa reads, “In all activities may I examine my mind; As soon as conflicting emotions arise Endangering myself and others, May I firmly face […]


How we begin overturning our bad habits

Overturning ingrained habits takes time. It is not easy and requires commitment. To make this commitment to ourself, we need to be convinced the habit is not longer working well in our life, and in […]