May I firmly face and avert them

Verse 3 from the ‘8 Verses of Mind Training’ by Langri Thangpa reads, “In all activities may I examine my mind; As soon as conflicting emotions arise Endangering myself and others, May I firmly face […]


How we begin overturning our bad habits

Overturning ingrained habits takes time. It is not easy and requires commitment. To make this commitment to ourself, we need to be convinced the habit is not longer working well in our life, and in […]


2018 Mar. 28 Mindfulness Training for Educators

Mar. 28, 2018 Mindfulness Training for Educators 【Date】Mar. 28 Wed. 2018 13:30-18:00(open 13:00) 【Venue】 Kaetsu Ariake High school Shinonome 2-16-1 Koutou-ku, Tokyo 東京都江東区東雲2-16-1 MAP <Access > 10 minutes walk from Shinonome staion 【Teacher】 Dr. Barry Kerzin […]

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The inner journey

One who looks outside dreams, one who looks inside awakens. This insight comes from Carl Jung. It seems although not surprising he recognized the value of mindfulness before it became popular in the west. While […]


Monkey mind

Monkey mind is something many of us struggle with. It is a mind that cannot sit still. It needs to do something. It needs a job. It will not let us rest in peace. The […]


Be natural

We wear so much unnecessary armour. Be natural; be spontaneous.


Become more positive

Mindfulness involves a way of life that evaluates our thoughts and emotions, while they are happening or about to happen. A great master, Atisha, who lived about 1000 years ago, would observe his mind. When […]



Healthy self-confidence puts nobody down — not myself; not others.



As the universe keeps exploding so does our mind in altruism.