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A powerful way to live

We live with many hurts that drag us down and close our heart. It is totally unnecessary, yet neglected. We choose to ignore them and be complacent by not paying attention to them. It is […]


Each one of us is valuable

Each one of us is valuable — beyond all the money in the world. Not only are we loved by others, but we also have this precious potential to be fully omniscient and happy. Sometimes […]


Are you gentle with yourself?

Are you gentle with yourself? Most of us find it difficult. Many of us are overachievers and set the expectation bar for ourself very high. When we don’t reach it we beat ourself up, again […]


The deepest self-compassion is wisdom

The deepest self-compassion is wisdom. It gets to the heart of the matter – all our dissatisfaction and difficulties. Wisdom is basically nonattachment. There are many levels of nonattachment, like peeling an onion. 1000 years […]


If 8 things went well, and 2 did not

Self-care and self-compassion are very important to keep ourselves healthy. Only then do we have the strength and courage to reach out to others effectively. When we go home at night having done 10 things […]