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3 levels of dukkha

Compassion is an often-used word, but rarely understood. According to the Buddha, compassion is the relief of suffering. So, what is suffering? Buddha used the word ‘dukkha.’ We do not have an English equivalent, so […]


How to cultivate compassion

People are often confused about how to cultivate compassion. There are several approaches. One method is moving beyond empathy to compassion. Empathy is feeling like the other person is feeling. We often “take on” or […]


Empathy and compassion

Last night in Tokyo with my Human Values Institute group we discussed in some detail the distinctions between empathy and compassion. I had just stepped off a 12+ hour flight, and spent about 20 hours […]


Offer happiness and peace to all my mother

This awesome text on compassion written nearly 1300 years ago, called ‘8 Verses of Mind Training’ by the humble Samurai Spiritual Warrior Langri Thangpa.’ Verse 7 reads: “In short, may I directly and indirectly Offer […]


The root of the problem

For those interested in understanding the teachings of the Buddha, to eliminate suffering for oneself and others, this schema presented in the last post is crucial to understand. The root of the problem is a […]


Distorting reality

Imagining our early anger as a cloud that dissipates, transforming anger into tolerance, can be very effective. Yet to fully get rid of our anger, and all of our destructive emotions like jealousy, pride, greed, […]



This chronic disease of cherishing ourselves is the cause giving rise to our unsought suffering. Recognizing this, we seek the courage and strength to blame, destroy, and say no to this monstrous demon of selfishness. […]


We are not alone.

As we recognize others’ suffering and realize that we are not alone, our pain is lessened. There’s a Tibetan saying: ‘Wherever you have friends that’s your country, and wherever you receive love, that’s your home.’