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We all want to be happy and not hurt

Balancing alertness with relaxation is important in our meditation and daily life as well. The last two posts about emptiness created an abundance of alertness! So let’s chill, relax, and balance with some compassion. My […]

Message From Dr. Barry

Complementary and not contradictory

The Buddha taught many different teachings to suit the disposition of different disciples and guide them along the path. This is particularly true regarding the teachings on selflessness, which is emptiness. Since people of his [...]

Different dispositions

The Buddha taught many different teachings often from different angles. We all have different dispositions and periods in our lives when we are more or less receptive. Please take all these teachings as complementary. Try [...]

The root of the problem

For those interested in understanding the teachings of the Buddha, to eliminate suffering for oneself and others, this schema presented in the last post is crucial to understand. The root of the problem is a [...]

Distorting reality

Imagining our early anger as a cloud that dissipates, transforming anger into tolerance, can be very effective. Yet to fully get rid of our anger, and all of our destructive emotions like jealousy, pride, greed, [...]