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Each one of us is valuable

Each one of us is valuable — beyond all the money in the world. Not only are we loved by others, but we also have this precious potential to be fully omniscient and happy. Sometimes we forget this. Sometimes we see the “glass half empty” and forget the other half that is full. We tend to be addicted to beating ourself up. We lack the self-respect and kindness. Self-compassion and [...]

Life’s challenges can be daunting sometimes

Life’s challenges can be daunting sometimes. What do we do when faced with huge obstacles? We may freak out! That’s o.k. provided we calm down we get courageous and strong. Emotionally let’s step back to see the larger perspective. Do the 9-round breathing if you know it. Or, meditate on the breath, or do some walking meditation to calm the energies and emotions down. Then with more calmness and perspective [...]

Latest Message From Dr. Barry

We can change

We are now in the second half of the month the Shakyamuni Buddha became enlightened – Saga Dawa duchen. The fact that enlightenment was in fact achieved by one individual means we all can do it. Of course it is no easy task and it will take a long time, nevertheless it is doable! That is really good news. So keep up the good work making effort to keep actions, words, and thoughts as positive as possible. Even if sometimes [...]


In the US it is Memorial Day, commemorating soldiers who gave their lives for this country. So they did not die in vain, may conflict be resolved peacefully without violence and war. In the world we celebrating Saga Dawa: the birth, parinirvana, and enlightenment of Shakyamuni Buddha. Enlightenment honors all mother sentient beings who gave birth to us countless times. When we die, our body dies, but not the mind. The stream of consciousness lives on. It is made up [...]

Contemplative or analytical meditation

The second type of meditation is contemplative or analytical meditation. In this type of meditation we think about a certain topic like impermanence, compassion, or wisdom (shunyata). When we get some feeling, understanding, or an “aha” moment, we switch back to the focused single-pointed meditation. My Unclouded podcast instructs the listener in several of these. For example, with the contemplate meditation on compassion, when you get some feeling of love or compassion you stay with that feeling or understanding. In [...]

Meditation and mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness are like dance-partners. They each support the other gracefully. There are two types of meditation: focused (shamatha) and contemplative (analytical). Focused meditation also is translated as calm abiding, concentration, and single-pointed meditation. You get the picture. We focus our attention (mind) on a chosen object. It might be the breath at the base of the nose, or at the navel; it can be a mental image of a buddha at our heart, or on our head (crown); [...]


Our thoughts and feelings

By being mindful and observing our thoughts and feelings we begin to notice our inner world. This is the first big step towards changing our reality. […]


The courage to be honest yet kind and respectful helps us face difficult situations. Just being brutally honest harming others is narrow-minded and shortsighted. Finding the courage to be motivated by genuinely caring for others and from that motivation being honest, breeds courage — a deep inner courage of love. Then whatever my come our way we can handle gracefully.