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None of us are perfect

None of us are perfect. And that is o.k. In fact, it is better than o.k. since it gives each and every one of us a chance to be a better person. The opportunity to […]

Message From Dr. Barry

Inner peace requires honesty and integrity

Inner peace requires honesty and integrity. Without it we are lost and drift away from inner peace and happiness. Being true to our self is crucial. Transparency is what makes great leaders great. What they [...]

Now we must make effort

Inner peace is essential for wellbeing. Without it we often feel anxious, fearful, and suspicious. So how do we cultivate inner peace? There is no magic. You’ve received all the advice/teachings. Now we must make [...]


‘Wellbeing’ has now become a household word. But what exactly does it mean? The notion of human flourishing begins to unpack it. Mindfulness is involved; to be in the present observing our inner life. Beyond [...]

The practice of patience

Not neglecting generosity, but adding to it, we move to the practice of patience. This we’ve discussed in more detail under the heading of anger management in several recent posts, but I will summarize, as [...]