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Our sympathies go out to the Japanese people.

Our sympathies go out to the Japanese people. Violence begets violence. It brings tremendous pain and suffering to all involved, and to many not directly involved. It solves nothing. We must love and care for one another as we are all sisters and brothers in this human family. Compassion for all is being taught in schools from K thru 12, and above, in many countries. This is essential curriculum for [...]

Equilibrium is balance

Equilibrium is balance. When we are in a mental state of equilibrium, we are immune to external shifts as we are internally balanced. Our emotions are more stable. We are less likely to be reactive. We are less likely to take things personally. We are more immune to explosive anger. We are more immune to putting others down. We are more immune to putting ourself down. We are more immune [...]

Latest Message From Dr. Barry

To familiarize ourselves

To familiarize ourselves with the virtue of patience, it is very helpful to think of adversity not so much as a threat to our peace of mind but rather as the very means by which patience is attained. From this perspective, we see that those who would harm us are, in a sense, teachers of patience. Such people teach us what we could never learn merely from hearing someone speak, be they ever so wise or holy. These precious pearls [...]

Love yourself, love others

Love makes the world go around. Love, love, love is what it is all about. Love yourself, love others. Just love, and more love. We are trying to make love our default state. It is helped by wisdom, the wisdom that recognizes appearances to be false. This is the gap between what is real and what appears. Mind the gap, the gap between appearance and reality. When we begin to see that all appearances are false, that they are only [...]

Every one of us is getting older

Every one of us is getting older, which is a natural process. Time is constantly moving on, second by second. Nothing can stop it, but what we can do is use our time properly; that is in our hands. Whether we believe in a spiritual tradition or not, we need to use our time meaningfully. If over days, weeks, months and years, we have used our time in a meaningful way – when our last day comes, we’ll be happy, [...]

We are visitors

Our visit to this planet is short, so we should use our time meaningfully, which we can do by helping others wherever possible. And if we cannot help others, at least we should try not to create pain and suffering for them. While we are here as visitors nothing is really owned by us. Everything is leased, maybe a hundred-year-least at most. This includes our house, car, clothes, computer, and even our body. The rightful owners of “our” body are [...]


Daily Meditation

Daily Meditation Let’s meditate together at 8:00 am every day! This month we will hold meditation sessions facilitated in Japanese on weekdays and English on Sundays. Please join our session where you can become refreshed and energized by morning meditation followed by setting your personal motivation for the day or by making a dedication to others. 【Date】 September 7-30   8:00am-8:20 am,*JST (Japan Standard Time) Please check the time difference between Japan and your location. Note:​ You are welcome to join us through the [...]

Our thoughts and feelings

By being mindful and observing our thoughts and feelings we begin to notice our inner world. This is the first big step towards changing our reality. […]


The courage to be honest yet kind and respectful helps us face difficult situations. Just being brutally honest harming others is narrow-minded and shortsighted. Finding the courage to be motivated by genuinely caring for others and from that motivation being honest, breeds courage — a deep inner courage of love. Then whatever my come our way we can handle gracefully.