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Patience is golden

Patience is golden. It gives us pause rather than kneejerk reaction. It allows us to take a deep breath, and consider the consequences of getting angry — making us unhappy, bringing future problems, not to […]

Message From Dr. Barry


Humility is an important ingredient to a healthy and happy life. Humility at core recognizes that there are 7 nearly 8 billion people and countless animals who also feel they are number one. This breaks [...]

It all starts at home

It all starts at home. That is why practicing forgiveness, gratitude, and reducing our negativities is so important. The more we clean up our own act, the more we are able to help others. Purity [...]


If you allow me, I would like to expand our forgiveness practice to include others; all others. We often get caught up in our own stuff and forget the other 7 billion human beings and [...]

Changing habits

Be kind to yourself. You deserve it. Loving others starts at home. So love yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Give yourself a break. Give yourself some slack. Be grating ourselves for not being good enough [...]