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How do we get rid of our destructive negative emotions?

We are on an Easter egg treasure hunt searching for treasures. The treasures are not painted Easter eggs. Rather they are our destructive negative emotions, often lurking just under the surface. You might think, “these are not treasure, they are painful and unwanted emotions, far from being treasures.” Yes, this is true. Let’s look a little closer. If anger, jealousy, pride, selfishness, and greed are not wanted, how can we [...]

How do we forgive ourself?

We often forget to forgive ourself. Hurts build up inside of us again and again. These hurts cause deep pain. They can fester, and wall off like an abscess. It is imperative that we clear these hurts in order to feel well before they become too ingrained. Forgiveness is the way to do this. Usually forgiveness is a “solo” activity that we do ourself. We can tell the other person, [...]

Latest Message From Dr. Barry

Seize the moment

Days pass one after another without much reflection and adjustment. We can easily become complacent. We get older, and one day the doctor informs us of a series disease. We start ruminating about our impending death. But we haven’t adequately prepared ourselves for death while we were young and healthy. So, “seize the moment.” Be mindful, and observe the present state of our mind and heart. When we notice negativity, work with it. Sit in meditation with it, accept it. [...]

We tend to judge ourselves and compare ourselves with others

We tend to judge ourselves and compare ourselves with others. Sometimes we feel we are not as good as others. At other times we feel better than others. This is all the tricky mischievous ego. Please do not buy into it. Each of us is like a diamond with very special facets shining with 5-colored lights. We may not always recognize this fact, but it is true. Please do not be side-tracked by the tricky mischievous ego. When it is [...]

Why “false” to everything we saw

Anger, jealousy, pride, and desire are all grounded in wrong perception. Wrong perception of ourself. Wrong perception of the other. We don’t recognize this wrong perception. It becomes our norm. Oh, so familiar, so warm and comforting. Even to question whether our perception of ourself is correct or not is deeply unsettling. We are uncomfortable going there. It is as if on a deeper intuitive level, we feel the house of cards, or the castle built in the sand will [...]

We often get trapped in the trees

We often get trapped in the trees, and lose sight of the forest. The bigger picture, or perspective is freeing. It puts things in perspective. It allows us to take a deep breath and observe the whole situation. Feeling overwhelmed does the opposite. It makes us feel like we are trapped in a small corner with no way out. The bigger picture gives us room to look around and assess the situation more clearly. Sometimes not acting is the best [...]


Our thoughts and feelings

By being mindful and observing our thoughts and feelings we begin to notice our inner world. This is the first big step towards changing our reality. […]


The courage to be honest yet kind and respectful helps us face difficult situations. Just being brutally honest harming others is narrow-minded and shortsighted. Finding the courage to be motivated by genuinely caring for others and from that motivation being honest, breeds courage — a deep inner courage of love. Then whatever my come our way we can handle gracefully.