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Let’s review anger management

Let’s review anger management as this is our pillar for cultivating compassion. Patience and tolerance are cultivated through transforming anger. Tolerance can easily flourish into love and compassion. Anger management does not mean suppressing our anger. It means first recognizing the early signs. Once anger is full-blown, we cannot work with it. Early signs include feelings of frustration, irritation, and maybe fear and anxiety. The heart may beat fast and [...]

Walk the talk!

Now that Cho.trul (khor) du.chen is over for another year, it does not mean we have the luxury to sit back and return to laziness. Diligence in observing our actions remains crucial. To observe what we are thinking, feeling, saying, and doing is essential for our growth. If we do not know the negativities we engage in, how can we work on changing them? Are we really comfortable with being [...]

Latest Message From Dr. Barry

Turning the wheel of dharma

July 16 is a very special day. It is ‘Choe.khor duchen,’ the day Shakyamuni Buddha started teaching (turning the wheel of dharma) after his enlightenment. It is one of the 4 most important days of the Buddhist year. The other 3 days are when the Buddha displayed miracles (to prevent conversion); when he became enlightened (Saga dawa); and when he returned to earth to teach us after teaching his mother in a Buddha pure realm. All the consequences of our [...]

When your energy gets low

When your energy gets low, rest. Go outside. Go the park. Spend some time in nature. Stop doing and start being. Stay present. Stay open, vast as the sky. Merge with nature. Merge with the sky. Refresh and allow the energy to fill every pore and cell in your body and every moment of your mind. Practice 9-round breathing. Open the heart wide for others. Remember they too have low energy days. Practice tonglen, or taking and giving. Take away [...]

Everything is like a dream

“Row row row your boat, gently down the stream; merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream.” Is this part of your childhood? Or maybe adulthood? We sing it and feel at ease. It has deep meaning yet we rarely reflect on it. This is the wisdom of the east. The ancient wisdom of India, China, Japan, Mongolia, Central and Southeast Asia. Everything is like a dream. When we dream, the images seem so real. When we are with a [...]

We often take things for granted

We often take things for granted. Being alive at the same time as the most remarkable, humble, compassionate, loving, and wise Buddha, we take for granted. You who are here on this planet solely to teach and guide us to lasting deepest peace and happiness. This Buddha is none other than you, Your Holiness the Dalai Lama. It is with the deepest gratitude, love, and respect that we celebrate your birthday, Your Holiness. It means that you have intentionally come [...]


Our thoughts and feelings

By being mindful and observing our thoughts and feelings we begin to notice our inner world. This is the first big step towards changing our reality. […]


The courage to be honest yet kind and respectful helps us face difficult situations. Just being brutally honest harming others is narrow-minded and shortsighted. Finding the courage to be motivated by genuinely caring for others and from that motivation being honest, breeds courage — a deep inner courage of love. Then whatever my come our way we can handle gracefully.