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We often forget gratitude

We often forget gratitude. There is so much to be grateful for. The next breath we take for granted, forgetting how precious it is to be alive. Remember to be grateful for the next breath. There is still much beauty and goodness in the world, even though it seems like things are falling apart. “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst,” is HH Dalai Lama’s attitude. Hoping for [...]

We all have this potential

Forgiving ourselves creates a beautiful cake called a ‘torma’ in Tibetan. On a deeper level this “cake” is actually the enlightened mind of a Buddha. We all have this potential. Forgiveness helps ripen this. So you can see, forgiveness has many levels. On the surface is forgiving hurts we’ve accumulated for a long time. On a deeper level it is forgiving fundamental mistakes in perception and thinking. Mistakes that assume [...]

Latest Message From Dr. Barry

Polishing the tarnished love we all have inside

Love makes the world go around. It moves mountains. It brings inner peace not only to oneself but also to those around us. It is the deepest nature of the mind, inseparable from wisdom realizing emptiness. There are no boundaries. It is limitless. Its reach has no limits. It is totally inclusive. No one at all is excluded. So why not work at polishing the tarnished love we all have inside? Humility is required. Letting go of the tightly grasped [...]

We all want to be happy, and none of us wants to hurt

Living a life of humility, simplicity, and helping others is meaningful. It brings joy along with deeper satisfaction and contentment. These qualities are often lacking in today’s environment. Being humble counters the tendency not only of feeling better than others, but also of feeling inferior to others. For even feeling inferior is another form of ego-grasping, of preoccupation with the self. Concern for others frees us of so many troubles. There are different stages in cultivating compassion. Practicing compassion expecting [...]

Each one of us is valuable

Each one of us is valuable — beyond all the money in the world. Not only are we loved by others, but we also have this precious potential to be fully omniscient and happy. Sometimes we forget this. Sometimes we see the “glass half empty” and forget the other half that is full. We tend to be addicted to beating ourself up. We lack the self-respect and kindness. Self-compassion and care is crucial to be able to fully love others. [...]

Life’s challenges can be daunting sometimes

Life’s challenges can be daunting sometimes. What do we do when faced with huge obstacles? We may freak out! That’s o.k. provided we calm down we get courageous and strong. Emotionally let’s step back to see the larger perspective. Do the 9-round breathing if you know it. Or, meditate on the breath, or do some walking meditation to calm the energies and emotions down. Then with more calmness and perspective see what can he done to solve or at least [...]


Our thoughts and feelings

By being mindful and observing our thoughts and feelings we begin to notice our inner world. This is the first big step towards changing our reality. […]


The courage to be honest yet kind and respectful helps us face difficult situations. Just being brutally honest harming others is narrow-minded and shortsighted. Finding the courage to be motivated by genuinely caring for others and from that motivation being honest, breeds courage — a deep inner courage of love. Then whatever my come our way we can handle gracefully.