• What is meditation
    “People don’t have to be religious to look inside themselves more carefully. It is constructive and worthwhile to analyze our emotions, including compassion and our sense of caring, so that we can become more calm and happy.”
    – His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama –

  • Before meditation
    “From one perspective, we do not have to do anything. So pushing becomes useless and a waste of energy.”

  • How to meditate
    Shamatha Meditation

    9 round breathing meditation
    (coming soon…)
  • Post meditation

Research – Articles

  • Meditation Neural Changes

    … These data suggest that mental training involves temporal integrative mechanisms and may induce short-term and long-term neural changes … (PMC526201)

    … We discuss the potential regulatory functions of these practices on attention and emotion processes and their putative long-term impact on the brain and behavior … (PMC2693206)

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  • Breast Cancer Survivors

    Psychologic Intervention Improves Survival for Breast Cancer Patients (PMC2661422)

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  • Depression relapse

    Antidepressant Monotherapy versus Sequential Pharmacotherapy and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, or Placebo, for Relapse Prophylaxis in Recurrent Depression (PMC3311113)

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  • Stress Management
    reduction of anxiety and stress in cancer patients through mindfulness training
    Hoffman et al., 2012
  • Anxiety Disorders
    reduction of anxiety through mindfulness training
    Jazaieri et al., 2012
  • Inflammation and Stress Reduction
    reduction through compassion training
    Pace et al. 2009, Psychoneuroendocrinology