Please help the sustainability of our current and future activities. The Human Values Institute is expanding its current efforts to creatively disseminate core Human Values to families, communities, work places, students, business leaders, and health and education professionals through workshops, lectures, retreats and pilgrimages. Read about our history.

We are continuing to provide support for the needs of communities, especially caregivers in the northeast of Tohoku region, Japan, affected by earthquakes and tsunamis in March 2011 and the troubled youth in Juvenile Correctional Centers in Japan run by the Ministry of Justice.

Human Values Institute is a public-interest organization that is supported by deeply committed and visionary benefactors. In order to implement these expanded activities in a sustainable way looking to the long term, we would greatly appreciate your support.


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There are several options to become a member and support our activities.

In the first year, members pay an initial joining fee as well as annual membership fee. For example, in the first year a study member pays ¥10,000 yen initial joining fee plus ¥10,000 yen membership fee.

Initial joining fee: ¥10,000 ($100 US)

Annual membership fees:

  • Study members (individuals) resident in Japan: ¥10,000 ($100 US)
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  • Patrons: ¥100,000 ($1000 US)

We are developing more benefits for members. There is access to some events free of charge, and a discount for member’s guests on registration.

All fees and donations are non-refundable. Regardless of fees and donations there will be no difference in a member’s privileges and rights.

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