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We miss out being present

Too often we get swept away into the future, or dragged back into the past. We miss out being present. It is in the present that we find balance, that we find our center. In […]


Love yourself, love others

Love makes the world go around. Love, love, love is what it is all about. Love yourself, love others. Just love, and more love. We are trying to make love our default state. It is […]


Why “false” to everything we saw

Anger, jealousy, pride, and desire are all grounded in wrong perception. Wrong perception of ourself. Wrong perception of the other. We don’t recognize this wrong perception. It becomes our norm. Oh, so familiar, so warm […]


Forgiveness is the spice of life

Forgiveness is the spice of life. Without it, life is bland at best. Forgiveness opens our heart and allows us to breathe fully. It brings a smile, and fills the heart with joy. Keeping hurts […]