Every experience regardless of positive or negative is made constructive

Taking everything in stride, or in dharma terms, taking everything onto the path. This means that every experience regardless of positive or negative is made constructive. In order to do this, we must be aware. Aware of what is happening inside us, in our heart and mind. The habit of observing our inner life in the present is crucial. Like anything else it takes practice. Practicing this way allows us to be in touch with our experiences. If there is incipient anger, try to practice tolerance, understanding, and patience. If we find jealousy, try to cultivate appreciation. If there is arrogance, practice humility. If we putting ourself down, remember the gem we all have within. The gem of bodhicitta, the potential for full enlightenment. Be gentle with yourself. Remember others suffering from self-doubt, anxiety, and fear. Send them love and courage. When we find positive thoughts or emotions, rejoice. It is not necessary to become too excited. This throws us off balance. This practice is not accomplished in one week, or one year. Rather it is a way to live our lives until we die. Live a meaningful and full life.