Excited energy

Cool down baby. Cool down baby. Sometimes we get excited and carried away forgetting to come up for air. We become exhausted no longer pacing ourselves. Excited energy is often productive but at a price. It robs us of our inner peace and balance. We become over active and feel unsettled inside our skin and out of control. There is a sense we are running on high octane fuel. Once we are on this fast treadmill it is hard to stop. We just keep going until finally we crash. Then we sleep double! We forget to come up for air. This excited high-speed chase leading nowhere is unhealthy. Our inner joy is totally obscured. We are running on adrenalin. Speed is the fuel and the stimulation. We can no longer abide in the present as we are being tossed in a turbulent storm at sea, losing our bearings. So, cool down baby. Cool down baby.