A powerful way to live

We live with many hurts that drag us down and close our heart. It is totally unnecessary, yet neglected. We choose to ignore them and be complacent by not paying attention to them. It is now time to pay attention to these hurts and get rid of them. Forgiveness is a powerful way to live. First and foremost is forgiving ourself. This is self-compassion. This is healthy self-confidence. This is taking good care of ourself. This is saying, “bye, bye” to guilt. Only then can we take good care of others. How do we do it? Before we can clear our hurts, we must recognize them and be willing to let go of them. Convincing ourself that these festering walled off hurts we’ve carried around for years, even decades, are harming us. They are not helping us at all. We have become so familiar with them like a constant companion and become complacent. It is time to stand up! It is time to let them go. Seize the day, seize the moment!